New Beginnings

Tomorrow my daughters go back to school, my youngest daughter will start the 7th grade and will be playing school sponsored sports for the first time. My oldest daughter is now a freshman in high school.

I can still remember dropping off my oldest daughter at kindergarten and standing there watching her find her desk and sit down, excited for class to start.  Her bright orange shirt matching the bright smile that was plastered on her face.  She waited for the first day of school for so long and when it finally happened, it was nothing less than her expectation.  When it was time to leave her in the capable hands of her teacher, I teared up as I turned away and walked out.  Somehow I was blamed for all of the other mothers and the tears that they cried as they walked away.  It felt strange leaving her there in that strange place with people that she didn’t know.  My youngest daughter must have thought it was strange as well because she kept looking out the door for her sister. 

Now as I prepare to drop her off tomorrow morning, that strange feeling is creeping up again. My youngest daughter will have to adjust to being alone again, not being in the same school as her sister; charting her own path through middle school.  This time I won’t be able to stand and watch my oldest daughter while she finds her desk or makes new friends; I have to watch her walk into the building from my car and I can only pray that both of them have a good day.

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