Unmet Goals

Weeks ago I set small goals for myself to help me acheive a larger weight loss goal. This month I missed that interim goal and now have a decision to make. Do I dust myself off and get back at it or do I get upset and eat every cookie in the house. Normally cookies rule in my house but this time I think I’m going to try a new approach and dust myself off.

I’ve worked so hard to let a minor setback throw me completely off course. While the cookies may taste great for the moment, they won’t be great in the long term. Now I just have to reevaluate those goals and make some adjustments so that I can continue to move forward.


One thought on “Unmet Goals

  1. I am here to help support. You dust yourself off and we can continue this journey together. I figure this way we have someone to lean on in good times and bad.

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