Gearing up for the New Year!


As I look back on 2012 and prep for the New Year I have to pause and take stock of all of the things that happened to me both positive and negative.  I set some personal goals for 2012 that I planned to accomplish but somewhere along the way I lost track of them.  My biggest goal was weight related, I had planned to be around 140 pounds by now and that simply has not happened.  I did lose some weight and at last check I was at 171, but I’m not sure what it looks like today, though if I had to guess I would say I’m at 175. 


There are a few things that I can do with this, one is to crawl into a ball and cry because I failed to accomplish my goal, and the other is to get up, dust myself off and get moving.  I’m choosing to get back up and dust myself off and get moving.  My plan is to focus less on my weight and focus more on body fat percentage and how I look and feel.  To get the body that I want I have o do both cardio and strength train so that I can develop the muscles that I want and the leaner body that I need.  Instead of a gym membership I got a treadmill and an indoor cycling bike (kind of like the ones you use in a cycling class).  I love reading about fitness and training plan and I’ve found one that I would like to try for the next 4 weeks, it’s Fitness Magazine’s “Better Body Plan: The Tighten It Up Workout” (it can be found here: )


Then there’s the food issue, with my busy schedule of being a wife, mother, employee, and student all at the same time I can sometimes struggle with providing meals that are quick and nutritious, so I resort to fast food more often than I should.  I read that you should try to start out eating healthy at least 85% of the time, I feel like this is doable, the problem is putting it into action.  One thing that I felt would help me was to purchase a Foreman Grill. I used to have one many years ago and it was great, but when my first one broke, I never took the time to buy another one.  That is all changing now; I brought a grill and plan to use it to quickly cook lean meats and veggies.  I’m also looking online for quick and easy meals that are healthy and that my family will enjoy.  I plan to post the recipes (and pictures) that I test on this blog so that you can try them as well.


For 2013 I plan to post more often so that I can keep you on top of my progress, I think this will help keep me honest and will help my motivation.  Happy New Year!!!!


IMAG0134 IMAG0135

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