Week 1 in Review

This week has gone surprisingly well in spite of a few bumps and bruises along the way. One of the first things that I noticed was how tired and sore I was after the first few days. One would think that I had taken a year or more off, not a month, but I just kept pressing through. My food intake was predominantly good with the exception of Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I stayed on track with my exercises most days, however on Friday and Saturday I was not able to get my workout in, but I made up one of the days by working out on Sunday. All in all, I still lost weight and was happy with my overall progress.
Not perfect but moving forward!
Beginning Weight: 176.8

Goal Week 1 (1/7/2013): 175.8
Actual Week 2: 175.4

Goal Week 2 (1/14/2013): 174.8
Actual Week 2:

Goal Week 3 (1/21/2013): 173.8
Actual Week 3:

Goal Week 4 (1/28/2013): 172.8
Actual Week 4:

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