A Couple of Rough Weeks Behind Me

For the past two weeks I have struggled with something that many other working parents experience; finding enough time to get everything in. The first week it was a little less about time and more a challenge with my eating. Week two brought a summit for work, which included extremely long days and buffets filled with desserts, a case of the hormones and stress eating to boot, and a recital at one of my kids schools. I must admit that I ended the week extremely exhausted and without motivation to complete most of my workouts for the week, and forget about the diet.
Yesterday I weighed in and found that a week like that can easily lead to weight gain, in fact I gained back one of the 1.4 pounds that I lost. Determined to not allow the challenges from the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten back on track. I’m not perfect in this whole race, but I will get this done. It is still possible for me to reach my small goal of losing 5 pounds prior to January 31 and I have full faith that I can do it.

Beginning Weight: 176.8

Goal Week 1 (1/7/2013): 175.8
Actual Week 2: 175.4

Goal Week 2 (1/14/2013): 174.8
Actual Week 2: 176.4 (gained back a pound, ugh)

Goal Week 3 (1/21/2013): 173.8
Actual Week 3:

Goal Week 4 (1/28/2013): 172.8
Actual Week 4:

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