Day 4

Hey there!  I’m so happy to report that I’m still going strong and still feeling amazing.  I can’t believe that this is happening.  I still have steel will and the desire to continue this journey 100% until the end.  That being said, I also need to plan for the future.  Obviously I’m not expecting to lose the 50 pounds that I want to lose in 24 Days, that’s impossible and dangerous, but what happens after this?  I am going to continue to monitor my eating and choose foods that are very similar to what I’m eating on plan and only allow myself a “cheat” day every so often and outside of the house (meaning I have to be willing to leave home and get what I want- no more ice cream in the fridge).  There are so many things that I have planned for life and that I want to do for my family and my community at large, loosing this weight will help me get there. 

Still 180.0 as of this morning, I’m not bummed about it at all.  Still making progress.

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