Day 11: Cleanse Phase review and Max Phase start

Hi Folks:

First off I would like to say how awesome I feel at having completed the 1st 10 days of this challenge.  I went into it concerned about whether or not I would be able to be successful following a strict eating plan and whether or not my body could handle the products that I had shelled out so much cash for. What I learned from this phase is that eating this way is not difficult and it will be quite possible to maintain this for the rest of my life.  What I plan to do is to eat healthy 80-90% of the time and allow myself a few cheat days here and there, but not every day of the week.  My weigh-in this morning put me at 176.4 which is a total of 8lbs in 10 days.  I coudn’t be more happy with that number and it gives me hope for the remaining 14 days and for my ability to reach my goals. 

Today marked the first day of the Max Phase and let me just say that I am not good at taking a bunch of pills, but in order to continue my success, I have to get them down.  I feel really good and I was even able to get through my workout this evening without feeling wiped out. I’m keeping my eating the same as the first phase so that I don’t wreck my progress.  

Because I announced that I was doing this challenge, a couple of people have shown interest.  This is exciting and what I wanted to happen, that my choices and changes influence others, especially my family.  I want nothing but good health for them.


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