Day 12

Hi Folks

Today was another really good day.  I took a few days off of work because my kids are visiting with my parents and as a busy mom, I enjoy taking the opportunity to relax and hang out by myself without anyone “needing” anything.  It may sound selfish to some people and I’m sorry, but for me it is an opportunity to refresh and recharge.  It allows me the chance to be the best mom and wife that I can be.  This morning startd out with my weigh-in and I’m currently 175.8 (woot woot).  So happy about the continued success in that area. 

I realized today that I have talked about how important it is for me to eat right on this plan, but I have neglected to mention that I am working out as well.  Yesterday I took a class that will start my focus on my running skills.  I can run, but I am not fast by any stretch of imagination.  I’m that runner who is close to the back and about to be passed by the walkers.  I call what I do Wogging because it lies somewhere in between a walk and a jog. One of my goals is to get faster and eventually get my time to an 11 or 12:30 mile.  This will help me in my races, including my triathlons.  I’m learning about how to better my pace and build up to being able to run for extended distances.  It amazes me how I can go from being able to run 10 miles, to not being able to run one.  It may be mental (probably) but it’s just another challenge that I will have to overcome. 

Today my fitness was focused on riding my bike.  I rode 19 miles pretty easily and was impressed because I have not been on my bike since last year.  I love getting out there and experiencing the breeze and the sounds of nature when I’m on a long ride.  Next week I have to go out and participate in a ride that raises money for cancer research and I have signed up for 50 miles.  This is my fourth year participating in Pelotonia and every year I remark on how amazing it is to see over 6000 people ride bicycles for One Goal and that goal is to End Cancer.  I feel blessed to have a sound body and bike and to have so many people who are willing to contribute to the cause.  It gives you hope that people are still willing to do stuff for other people.


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