Maintaining Momentum

Hi Folks

This was the first weekend post-challenge and it was a true test to whether or not my husband and I have the ability to keep up on our commitment to our health. At the outset we determined that we would use Saturday as our cheat day, so it made sense for us to have company over. We threw some burgers, beef hot dogs, and italian sausages, as well as a TON of veggies on the grill. We felt that it was important to make sure that we had veggies available so that we had some healthy options for ourselves and our guests. I had a burger, a small amount of baked beans, and lots of veggies.

For dessert we had cake. I limited myself to one piece of cake and took my time to enjoy it as I knew that I could only have one piece. My thought process is that even though it is my cheat day, I cannot go so far off track on one day that it would completly derail my efforts. I also had one glass of wine.

On Sunday we went back to our normal eating and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. So far so good.


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