Finding Time When There Seems to be No Time

Hi folks

Now that the school year I’d back in session, my schedule seems to be filling up with running the kiddos to their various activities. My girls are teenagers and it seems like once that happened their social calendars are filled and since they are not yet able to drive, my schedule fills up as well.

I’m not complaining at all, since I want my daughter’s to have the opportunity to get involved with as many things as possible, so that they are well rounded students. That being said, I need to figure out the best days and times to get my workouts in. I’m not a morning person, so that’s not happening, I need my sleep. I need to adjust the days that I go to my classes, go to the gym, and work out at home. As well as cook dinner and complete other household chores.

My hubby is helping out by picking the kids up a few days a week, but since he’s in school, I’d like to make sure that he has time to complete the gobs of homework that you get when trying to finish your Masters degree (I just finished mine in May and I know what that feels like).

I’ve been trying to throw extra meat on the grill over the weekends so that all I have to add is veggies during the week. It seems so simple, but it shaves a lot of time off of my weeknight meals. Now I just need to figure out how to get 5 days of exercise in. Somehow I think I can do it.


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