Still Pressing Forward…follow up

Hi folks:

Can I just say that even though this week was crazy because it was month end, which meant incredible stress at work and great temptation to stress eat, I was able to resist all of that and still do what I needed to do. 

My ability to go to my fitness classes has been hindered by my youngest daughter’s volleyball schedule. However my husband is helping me make it happen by picking the girls up a few days a week so that I can get to class on time. The other days are spent either working out at home or at the gym.

Thursday- I went to Planet Fitness and spent 15 minutes on the treadmill to warm up, walking, jogging, and running.  Then I went and did their 30 minute circuit. It’s a full body workout with machines and then steppers that you can use for cardio in between the machines.

Friday-was a rest day

Saturday-my husband and I went to the gym and started out on the treadmill for a quick warm-up, then we went on to work legs. I used the Smith machine for the first time to do squats and dead lifts. We also did a lot of other leg stuff like leg presses, abductions, curls and lifts.

I’m super excited because even though there’s a layer of fat on top of it, I can actually see the beginning of well developed quadriceps.  I noticed it yesterday and almost squealed in delight. What???? (Raising the roof).

The rest of today will be spent watching football. Tomorrow, arms!

Go Bucks!!!!

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