We All Fall Down

Hi Folks:

Long time, huh? Isn’t it funny how we have a tendency to go quiet when things aren’t necessarily going the way we planned?  Obviously that is what happened to me.  Seems like I have a lot of things going right in my life, Hubby and the kids are doing well.  My job has been busy but manageable. I finished my degree…

It seems like this ONE area of my life is the one area that I am struggling with.  The one thing that seems to be totally out of control.  You can see by my posts that I get started and do really well.  I love the way that I feel when I work out.  I love the way that lifting makes me feel.  I love seeing my shape come back.  I just feel amazing.

So if this is the case, why in the world do I self-sabotage and just start missing workouts and eating poorly.  I really don’t get it but it’s something that I have to get a handle on because THIS has got to stop.  I’ve had enough.

I haven’t quite decided what program, if any, I’m going to do, but I believe that I will need to do something that I can do with a limited schedule and maybe only a month to start. Ninety day programs are great but I need something that I can actually accomplish in the short term so that I can actually see a “small” success and feel like I’ve actually done something.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.


Oh, before I forget, I’ve decided that I want to start doing tri’s again in 2014.  I plan to start with a ladies mini (just to get back into it), then a co-ed sprint, and maybe even an olympic distance (scared to death of that one).

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