Vision and Purpose

Hi Folks:

My key words for 2014 are VISION and PURPOSE. As I thought about what I wanted to accomplish in the coming year and I felt that I needed both of these to meet my goals.


Prov. 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish… (NIV)

Lately, this idea of vision keeps coming up.  I’m a person who strongly believes that if the same thing keeps coming up over and over again, you should probably stop and pay attention.  Having vision for your life includes so many facets, too many to name, but thinking about what you want and how you’re going to get there is a good start.  Actually seeing yourself having accomplished your goal is one of the biggest predictors of your success.  Do you see yourself at your goal weight, owning your own business, working your dream job?

If you really want to accomplish your goals you have to “see” yourself at that goal; see yourself being everything that you want to be.  For instance, I can see myself at my goal weight and doing everything that I plan to do.  For 2014 I want to run a few 5K’s, a half marathon, a couple of sprint duathlons, and the biggie for me: an Olympic distance duathlon.  It’s a bit unnerving but I’m going to du it (haha-pun intended).  I will try to do each one of these with a smile on my face.  I am going to do them at a faster pace than I’ve ever gone before.  I can literally see myself running, biking, and finishing each one of these events.  That’s vision baby!


Eph. 5:15 Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise (sensible, intelligent people)… (AMP)

Having purpose or living with purpose is something that many of us struggle with.  Ok, maybe it’s just me.  I know that I’m here on this earth for a reason; maybe I don’t know the exact reasons why but that should not stop me form seeking the purpose that God has for me.  One thing that I do know is that I can no longer afford to just aimlessly meander through life, hoping that good things will happen for me.  I have to set out and ON PURPOSE set goals and work on actually accomplishing them.

I will choose to look at each day as a fresh and new start, a brand new opportunity to live on purpose, to do things on purpose, and to live out my vision.

2013 was a decent year for me, but I’m really excited to see what 2014 holds.


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