DDP Yoga- The Beginning

Hi Folks:

I can’t believe that my husband and I just ordered and received DDP Yoga.  It’s a yoga system created by WWE’s Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) that incorporates yoga, strength, cardio, and rehab.  After years of wrestling DDP developed lower back issues and he was able to get his life back after he started taking yoga.  Because of his background he was able to change his yoga program to suit his needs thus creating DDP yoga. 

I’ll admit that I’m not a wrestling fan and I never have been.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve even given in to my husband’s request for this program because I can’t believe that I’m purchasing something that a wrestler created.  That being said my husband has similar issues to the ones that DDP had before starting yoga.  He has had 3 surgeries on his lower back and was told that if he has to have another one, they are going to have to fuse his back.  He’s 36 years old and too young to have to continually live his life in pain. I’m willing to do any and everything that I need to do to help make his life better. As a friend of mine told me “if it works, who cares who created it”. 

For this reason alone I am super excited that I got this package in the mail and plan to get started on Monday.  My husband and I used to work out together all of the time and I feel that it really helped us be accountable.  Since his most recent surgery he has not been able to do all of the things that he enjoys, including working out.  I would love for him to gain better mobility and get back to that guy who is able to do anything that he sets his mind to.  I also can’t wait to go on this journey with him. 

I’ve taken the before pictures and measurements so that I can give you some background on where I’m starting from.  I’ve been researching some of the reviews and everything that I’ve heard is positive.  I typically look on YouTube to see reviews that are not posted to the company’s website so that I can get an impartial review.  Many people have claimed that DDP Yoga has improved their lives tremendously and some of them, like my husband, have come from a place of chronic back/spinal pain.  This gives me hope that he can have improvement and we can, in turn, live the lives that we want to live.    

As far as the program goes, we plan to do the beginner workout plan so that we can adjust to this program and not get any injuries.  We’ve also decided to do the Level 3 eating plan which removes dairy and gluten from your diet and incorporates proper food combining.  I’ve read about food combining in other studies including one from a health food store that I’ve gone to many times and what DDP has laid out in his plan is very similar to what she noted so I believe that this system can and will work.  As far as the eating plan, it’s basic and simple using whole foods (fruits, veggies, lean meats, healthy fats, and complex carbs).  These items are not foreign to anyone who has tried to shed a pound or two.  For me, I will just have to get back to my meal planning and prepping ahead of time so that there is very little chance for me to fall off the wagon.  

So that I’m breaking these goals (90 days of DDP Yoga) into small manageable chunks I am committing to week 1 of DDP Yoga.  If you know me you know that sticking to something can be difficult so instead overwhelming myself and making a big, scary goal, I have to make smaller goals and be happy with each successful week as it comes along. 


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