DDP Yoga Week 1

Hi Folks:

Week 1 of DDP Yoga is a wrap!  I’m glad to say that I’m very happy to have gotten through this first week of the program and I’m excited to see what happens next.  My hubby and I spent Sunday prepping our meals for the week.  It’s exciting to see us working together for a common goal.  I must say admit that going through these exercises gave me new found respect for the program.  I actually feel like I got a decent workout in, and the soreness that is in my legs confirms that. 

Our Workouts for the week:

 Monday Diamond Dozen and Energy I know this doesn’t exactly follow program but we had gone through the Diamond Dozen over the weekend and felt that we could proceed with doing both
Wednesday Diamond Dozen and Energy  
Saturday Energy  

 Workouts are going well so far and so is the meal planning.  The only exception is the food combining at dinner where it is a little more difficult to keep from pairing a complex carb with a protein.  Old habits die hard, however this may be one area where I can tweak the plan a bit to suit my needs and the needs of my family while still maintaining the integrity of the overall plan. 

I am happy to say that the Energy workout has challenged me more than I thought a 20 min workout could.  The good thing is that everyday gets a little easier and before I know it we will be moving on to the next workout which will increase intensity.  I’m so ready for it.

Starting Weight: 180.0

Week 1 Weight: 178.0

I lost 2 pounds this week which is great considering the fact that I was already working out some and had started changing my eating a bit. 

As we go through this program I also have to be mindful that I’m starting to prepare myself for racing season.  I took most of last year off so I am nowhere close to being ready for my first 5K in April.  As of today, I’ve started adding the Couch25K program on the days that I do DDP Yoga because I also need to progress through that program 3 days a week.  I feel like after my DDP Yoga sessions I have enough fuel in the tank to get through a 30 minute run/walk session. 

My first race of the year is Color Me Rad in April.  I’ve done 5k’s before but never a race like this one.  At the request of some friends, my youngest daughter and I plan to give it a try.  A couple of other races that I’m planning for are another 5k in May, a possible Sprint Duathlon in June, my first Olympic Distance Duathlon in late June and another in late July, and finally Pelotonia (a bike ride that I do every year to raise funds for Cancer Research). 

Busy schedule ahead, but I’m excited to get back into the thick of it. 


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