DDP Yoga- Week Two

Hi Folks:

Completed week 2 of DDP Yoga.  This week I’m happy to report that my strength and flexibility have increased.  This is especially noticeable in the Broken Table position where I’m not quite as wobbly or shaky as I was when we first started.  I am also noticing that when I do the Downward Dog I am getting a bit closer to being able to complete it with my feet flat on the ground (right now my heels are less than an inch from touching).  My progress from last week to this week has been tremendous 🙂

Our Workouts for the week:

 Monday Energy Getting stronger every day
Wednesday  Energy  
Saturday Energy  


Still struggling with the food part, which has typically been the area that I tend to have issues with.  I usually do well during the week because my life is more regimented at that time.  The weekends have not been kind.  I tend to sleep in a bit longer and then not be as diligent as I should be when it comes to choosing the right foods.  This is the one area that I will have to correct if I truly want to be successful.

Starting Weight: 180.0

Week 1 Weight: 178.0

Week 2 Weight: 179.0

I gained a pound this week and I fully attribute it to the fact that I need to do better on my weekend eating.  I refuse to let this derail me, I just have to keep pushing forward. 

I’ve started Couch25K and I’ve been impressed in my ability to complete the runs as required.  I’m actually bumping up my run speed on the treadmill just to make sure that I can increase my speed as I go along. 


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