DDP Yoga- Week Three

Hi Folks:

Can I just say that this week was a challenge for me???  First, I was in all-day meetings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  By the time Wednesday came around I was completely and totally sick, which took me out of commission for a few days.  That being said, I still got all of my workouts in for the week, just not necessarily following my normal schedule.  My workouts were as follows:

Our Workouts for the week:

 Monday Energy  
Saturday  Energy  
Sunday Fat Burner Oh My!!! This was tough!!


Not making excuses but with the meetings (and the breakfast and lunch provided) and illness really made it hard to focus on my meals. 

Starting Weight: 180.0

Week 1 Weight: 178.0

Week 2 Weight: 179.0

Week 3 Weight: 179.0

I had no change this week, well at least not in the scale, but I will say that I’m still showing gains in my flexibility and my clothes are starting to loosen up.  So I can’t be mad at that.  Very soon my youngest daughter will start having softball games in the evenings and I need to be prepared for that.  This weekend I will need to spend some time making “Healthy Freezer Meals” that I can just throw in the crockpot or something so that I won’t be tempted to purchase fast food. 

Here’s to making it work for me!!!


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