Color Me Rad


Hi Folks:

Yesterday my daughter and I started off race season with Color Me Rad. I’ll say this, I have to just keep in mind that this race was designed to be an untimed fun run. That being said, I had a good time at the event but I have a few takeaways from it.

  1. My daughter and I had a lot of fun
  2. I have a lot of work to do if I want to be ready for my Olympic distance duathlon in July

Like I said, the race is not timed but I had to know where I am so that I can use this as a sort of gauge for my progress. Aside from my lack of run training in recent weeks, this course was very difficult to get through running the entire time. From mud and uneven grass to broken up asphalt…as a person who has a knee injury and tries very hard to keep from aggravating it, this was not ideal. So in areas where I would have ran, I chose not to for the sake of saving my knee.  The other issue that tends to happen is large groups of walkers spread all the way across the path without concern for those of us who are trying to run. My friend injured her ankle trying to go around one of these groups. ***Just a bit of race etiquette-if you are slower moving (walking or wogging “like me”) please do not block the entire path, it’s just rude. Try to be no more than 2 abreast so that others can get around you.***

Other than that I had a really good time going through each of the color stations and just having some great one-on-one time with my baby girl. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it took me roughly 46 minutes to navigate this crazy course and blocking people. Not what I wanted but I know I can do better than this.

As far as DDP Yoga, the hubby and I get back on track tomorrow. Due to new carpeting we had to take some time to move the entire house around a couple of times so it was a bit difficult to squeeze in some yoga time.


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