Confessions of a Stress Eater

Hi Folks:


Ok now that I have that out of the way, I can move on.

The month of March and now the beginning of April have been extremely stressful at work. The end of 2013 was stressful but in a different manner than this. The end of 2013 was filled with stress surrounding high volume, meaning I had a lot of work to get done in an extremely small amount of time. My recent stress is surrounded by the opportunity for change. I was recently approached by a friend about a position on her team that would potentially mean a higher pay grade and more money.

That all sounded attractive but as I started to delve into the process, from deciding that I would actually apply for it (what could it hurt), talking it over with my boss, updating my resume, applying, etc… I started to think about what I really wanted in my career and if this position would take me where I want to be. Because I actually applied and interviewed for this position I was able to sit down with several people and discuss my career and from those discussions I’ve figured out that there are so many positions in the bank that I don’t have a clue about and I have to start sitting down with people to learn more about what they do and if it is something that I find interesting. One of the results of a discussion with my manager’s manager is a position that I’m interested in exploring. In fact, I’ve had a discussion with that manager and have started listening in on some of their project calls to see if I have an interest in joining that team.

I say all of this to say, all of this “finding” myself, career discussions, and my everyday job have left me a bit overwhelmed at times. Even though I have a group of managers who are more than supportive of me and recognize that I work hard and want to help shape my career, I’ve still been feeling so much stress that I start looking for carbs at every turn. Unfortunately I have not been successful at walking away from them or even stopping myself from going to get cookies, chips, and candy. This is something that I’ve got to work on, got to figure out how to combat. Stress is everywhere and I can’t run around eating junk every time I experience it.

I work out pretty regularly but it’s all for naught if I can’t control my eating. I mean yes, working out has improved my strength, cardio endurance, flexibility, etc… but I haven’t lost any weight and I know the exact reason why. I have to do better. I will do better. I AM BETTER!!

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