Out With the Old

Hi Folks:

In just a few short days it will be 1 month since I finished the Advocare 24 day Challenge. Since then I have done a pretty good job monitoring my diet and I’ve been consistent in my workouts, averaging 5 or 6 days a week. I’m excited to see the “tale of the tape”. As I’ve mentioned before, the scale has been pretty stagnant, but my body is definitely changing. This change was made abundantly clear the other day when I went to work the other day and had on pants that were clearly too big for me. It was so bad that my husband told me that it was time to go shopping to get new pants.

I decided to go through my closet and try on my pants to see what I could get rid of and what I could hold on to for a little while longer. I’ve thrown out or plan to donate a few pair of pants but I have a few more that I may be able to wear for another month or so before I absolutely need to toss them. That being said, I did not go out and buy new pants.

People may ask why, and I have my reasons. The first reason is because I still have pants that fit and there is no need wasting money on a size that I plan to just be passing through on, especially when I still have other options. The second reason is because I am afraid that I’ll be disappointed to find out that I still require a size 14. After all of my hard work and effort I’m nervous about going and trying on new pants and finding out that I haven’t changed as much as I thought. I’ll go when I’m ready and right now, I’m just not ready. I don’t see this as a bad thing, just something that I know that I need to do to continue to be successful.

On Sunday I did a prep day and packed all of my food for the week and I’ll say that it has been the best thing that I could have ever done. There is no thought to what I’m going to eat every day, I just reach in the fridge and grab a bowl of oatmeal, a lunch, and some snacks and I’m out of the door. No having to spend time every night trying to think of what to pack or scrounging around to find decent foods to throw together. Without question, I know that I’m going to have to start doing this on a weekly basis because it makes life a lot easier.


Learning to Trust the Process

“I can achieve what I want, no matter how long it will take. Everyday is a step closer to achieving your goal. Make sure you keep things real and do what you have to do. The blessing will come and it will transform yourself and life. We only regret the things that are not done with the heart”-Andrea Brazier

Hi Folks

We live in a society that thrives on instant gratification. Anything that we want, we can get, and we can get it NOW! I’m finding out that this is not the case when it comes to weight loss. Even though I know this, it can be completely disheartening when you do everything right (diet and exercise) and the scale doesn’t budge.

One thing that I’m learning is that the scale is not my friend, especially when I’m doing a lot of body weight exercises and lifting weights (8 or 10# for now). I have noticed that my body is leaner and I‘m building muscles (I’m loving those). Changes are happening, regardless of what that scale says. I have to begin to pay closer attention to my body and how it looks and feels in my clothes. I also have to keep track of my general health and well being, healthy living feels good.

I’m learning to continue to trust the process and know that if I keep up with what I’ve been doing, I’ll reach my goal and look fabulous in the process.


Maintaining Momentum

Hi Folks

This was the first weekend post-challenge and it was a true test to whether or not my husband and I have the ability to keep up on our commitment to our health. At the outset we determined that we would use Saturday as our cheat day, so it made sense for us to have company over. We threw some burgers, beef hot dogs, and italian sausages, as well as a TON of veggies on the grill. We felt that it was important to make sure that we had veggies available so that we had some healthy options for ourselves and our guests. I had a burger, a small amount of baked beans, and lots of veggies.

For dessert we had cake. I limited myself to one piece of cake and took my time to enjoy it as I knew that I could only have one piece. My thought process is that even though it is my cheat day, I cannot go so far off track on one day that it would completly derail my efforts. I also had one glass of wine.

On Sunday we went back to our normal eating and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. So far so good.


Challenge Recap

“…you shouldn’t compare yourself to others — especially those with completely different genetics. Learn to appreciate and love your body. Appreciate your genetic window. Work to be the best possible version of YOU!” – Kathleen Trotter

Hi Folks

So today, as promised, I’m giving you the breakdown of my challenge. I’m very happy to say that I finished the challenge and lost 8.6 pounds as well as just under 5 inches from my body. I still feel amazing and I can’t wait to keep my momentum going and finally get to fit.

One thing that I have to say about this whole journey: I started it with some pretty great people and we are all pleased with our progress so far and believe that this challenge is just the springboard needed for long term success.


Day 24- All Done

Hi folks

Today was the last day of my challenge and can I just say that I’m very happy about my progress.  Tomorrow morning I’ll take my final measurements and post. 

I think the one thing that really made my day was that my hubby tried on and fit into a pair of jeans that I accidentally purchased a size too small. I’m really happy about that because we started this challenge together and we are finishing strong together. We are both seeing positive results and we are both excited to continue this way of life.

Day 23: Almost done!!!

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

Hi folks:

I’m so happy to say that I am one day from completing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I am pleased with my progress. I have taken on this challenge with the mindset of “bring it”, and I have been successful so far. I won’t meet my overall goal for the challenge of being under 170, but I’m ok with that since I really didn’t know what to expect. What I can say is that I’ve noticed a definite change in my body and I can’t help but smile about it. I’m still doing well with my eating and I was able to avoid the temptation of cheesecake that was brought in today, which is tremendous progress for me.

I went to my Boxx/Fitt class and even though it was extremely tough, I enjoyed every second of it. Sweat was pouring and my body was aching, but I got through it and burned just under 600 calories.

I’m ready to continue moving forward and get to where I want to be. This is truly just the beginning.


***I’ll post my final results after day 24***

Days 21 & 22

Hi folks

I’m heading into the home stretch of my challenge and while the scale has virtually stopped moving I’m impressed with the changes that I’ve seen in my body.  I’m excited that healthy eating is easier than I previously thought. I’m trying to adjust foods to my taste buds as I simply cannot eat food that I feel is bland and without flavor. That will cause me to be bored and when I get bored I start looking for treats and snacks.

For my family, I will have to find the balance between the snacks that I want to eat and am used to eating, and snacks that will provide the necessary fuel for my body.

As far as exercise, I have to schedule time at least 5 days a week to make sure that I get some form of physical activity. I’m excited about the fact that I’m starting to see muscle definition. I can’t help but check out my arms in the mirror. 🙂 So excited.


Day 20

Hi folks

Today was a pretty amazing day. It started out bright and early with my Pelotonia ride. I still get goosebumps thinking about all the people who came together to accomplish the goal of raising money for cancer research. I’m so grateful for all of the people who rode, volunteered, donated, and even those who sat out in front of their homes cheering us on.

My day consisted of riding with some coworkers and just chatting along the way. We took our time and enjoyed the breaks as they came along. I did have an unfortunate incident with muscle cramps, which made me have to take a 2 mile trip to the next rest stop in a sag wagon so that I could get a little bit of first aide. I had to swallow my pride on that one because I’ve never needed aide like that, but now more than ever I realize how important the support teams are to have a successful event. Especially an event that big.

After my muscle cramp incident I was able to get back on my bike and finish my ride. I’m a bit sore right now but I feel good about it because I know my soreness is a result of doing something good for someone else.


Day 19


Hi Folks

Today I went on my lunch break to pick up my packet for tomorrows event, Pelotonia.  Pelotonia is one of those events that’s near to my heart because I’ve seen so much loss in my family to cancer.   I’m riding my bicyle 50 miles to raise funds for cancer research.  100% of all funds raised goes directly to cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in a cause like this.  Imagine tomorrow morning when over 6700 riders all set out to accomplish One Goal, to End Cancer.  This is my fourth year participating in Pelotonia and I have had a rewarding experience each and every year. 

Find something that you love to do and use it to make a difference in someone’s life.  Who knows, this year may be the year when a major breakthrough in research happens 🙂


DAY 18

Motivational Quote - The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

Hi Folks,

I’m still at a standstill on the scale, but I am determined to continue to push toward my goal.  I did check and I’m down over 2 inches in my waist -I’ll take that ;).  I did get all of my supplements and meals in today, probably because I set alarms on my calendar so that I wouldn’t forget to eat or take the pills.  I think I’ll keep doing that so that I don’t miss anything.

I’ve had so many ups and downs in my life, but I refuse to allow this area to keep me from getting to where I’m supposed to be.  It’s funny how most things that I do or try come easy to me except for this one thing.  I think that this means that I’ll appreciate it that much more when I actually do get there.  The quote above means a lot to me because I have set goals and I will reach them.  For the longest time I didn’t set goals and I just said that I wanted to lose weight but never put any pressure on myself by not saying what I truly wanted to accomplish. Now I have concrete goals and I have methods that will help me get there.  It’s not enough to want something if you are unwilling to put in the work, and now, I’m ready to work.