3 – Day Refresh – Day 3 Recap

Hi Folks,

Today, like yesterday was pretty good. My energy levels were higher and can’t complain at all.
Here’s what I ate:
Breakfast: Greenberry Shakeology with strawberries


Mid morning: Fiber Sweep
Lunch: Lemon Pepper Cauliflower with 1/2 pear and Vanilla Fresh Shake


Mid afternoon: no snack,  not hungry
Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with Vanilla Fresh Shake.

How I feel:
I’m feeling pretty good. Not as tired at all.  I’m sleeping well too, which I’m grateful for because that can be a challenge. I’m also happy to report that I’m down another 1.8lbs. Now just waiting to see my final numbers in the morning. 


3 – Day Refresh: Day 2 Recap

Hi Folks:

What a difference a day makes!

I’m so glad that today was so much better than yesterday. 

Today I ate:

Upon waking: Water

Breakfast: Vanilla Shakeology and 1/2 Apple

Mid-morning: Fiber Sweep

Lunch: Curried cauliflower, 1/2 apple with almond butter, Vanilla Fresh Shake


Mid Afternoon Snack: Wasn’t hungry!

Dinner: Salad, no dressing, with Vanilla Fresh Shake (no pic, sorry)

I also drank a lot of water and some tea.

How I feel:

Today I feel great. No headache and my energy levels are coming back up. 

Total loss so far: 1.4 lbs

Feeling great!


3 – Day Refresh: Day 1 Recap

Hi Folks:

So day 1 of my refresh is in the books. I’m so excited that I started this and I know that as long as I can remain consistent and stay the course, the results will come.:)

First let’s talk about what I ate today:

Upon waking: Water

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology and 1/2 Apple


Mid-morning: Fiber Sweep

Lunch: Lemon pepper broccoli, Vanilla Fresh Shake, and the other 1/2 apple


Mid Afternoon Snack: Carrots and Hummus (forgot to snap a pic, sorry)

Dinner: Steamed Coconut Veggies (Carrots, Cauliflower, and Broccoli), Vanilla Fresh Shake, and broth

20151109_102038 20151109_184003

I also drank a lot of water and some tea, in fact I’m not done so I guess I’ll be up tonight going to the potty.

How I feel:

Overall I’m feeling okay. I’m not feeling overly hungry which is great. I have a little bit of a headache, probably because of the lack of caffeine. I’m also a little tired and I’ll be doing a little bit of yoga as my exercise for the day. I’m not feeling as bloated as I did before. I’m really hoping that tomorrow is a bit easier and I can pick up where I left off on my exercise.

Feeling good!